Complete Solution
CBS is your complete solution for software, hardware, support and training. We will take care of all your IT needs. With enrollment in the CBS Support Program, we will protect your investment. As we add new features to CBS, you will receive these updates so you will always be up to date.  If you want to implement a new CBS feature, or make a change, just contact us. We even have training videos available for some support items.

At CBS, our software is made for dry cleaners of all types and models. Our software utilizes a cutting-edge architecture to give you the benefits of new technologies as they become available. We listen to our customers and continually make improvements based on your feedback. Dry Cleaners of all sizes and types across the world use CBS to run their business.

A CBS complete solution only has hardware that is proven to run in a dry cleaning environment. All CBS hardware is the finest hardware in its class. We understand 100% uptime is vital; we want to help you run your business and provide the best hardware possible so your downtime is minimal or non-existent.

Computers are built by us for each client.  We use the same quality components as large manufacturers. Our hardware is stable and we are very familiar with it. Our support people have training or build experience with our servers so we can offer you the immediate and qualified support that you need to run the business. We off a restore partitions and DVD restore disc for quick restoration due to failure. The computers are made for hot, and sometimes dirty, dry cleaning environments as well.

We train our on-site installers to integrate your systems. We come to your location to setup and test all your hardware.  Then we train you and your employees how to use the system. You will be up and running in short time, and we will work with you on how to leverage the CBS solution so you reap the most profits. We also offer phone support after the install and phone installation as an option.

We understand that the support from CBS is extremely critical to run your business and that our support offerings will change as your business changes. A live support person answers the phone and our support people are trained to assist you with technical questions or just how to use a particular feature in CBS. You can count on us to be there for you.

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