Hardware Characteristics

All hardware is new, fully tested and durable

All of our hardware is non-proprietary and covered under the manufacture’s warranty.

All hardware is quality and designed for rugged use

All of our computer systems are custom built by our techs to make sure you get the perfect solution you need the FIRST time. Since we built it, should you ever need support, our team will have first-hand knowledge on how it’s built and our time to resolution is dramatically reduced.

  • Elo Touch Screen - Use a touch screen for maximum speed with CBS. You can utilize all major functions in CBS and it will make using our solution much easier, while cutting down on training time.

  • Cash Drawer - Computer controlled cash drawer with media slots. Cleaner Business Systems is able to control your cash drawer allowing for maximum employee accountability.

  • WatchGuard VPN Router - This router allows all stores to be networked using CBS Connected. You will be able to access all stores from a central point or anywhere with an Internet connection.

  • Epson TMT-88V Thermal Invoice Printer - Thermal printing technology is quiet and fast which allows for the most cost-effective printing solution. This printer requires no maintenance or supplies and performs well in dry cleaning environments.

  • Star SP742 Garment Tag Printer - This tag printer is a great option for anyone that would like to print out computerized tags that are user definable.  Print whatever you want on the tag. Simply drop in the roll and the printer will cut the tag were it is needed.  There is no need to worry about aligning this printer.

  • Symbol MC2180 Wireless Smart Scanner - This scanner is not only a wireless “batch” scanner, but it is a mini-computer. When you scan an invoice, it will know the details of the invoice among other details, which will show on the screen. This is a durable scanner with a drop rating of 4 feet. This scanner can also be used for inventory as well.

  • HHP3820 Wireless Scanner - This wireless scanner can do everything the 3800 can, but it’s wireless. The range on this scanner is usually long enough to work in any retail environment. It is also a durable and reliable scanner that will work in any dry cleaning environment for extended periods of time.

  • HHP 1300g Wired Scanner - This is an extremely durable scanner to be used to for scanning heat seals and/or invoices (at edit, pickup, racking or inventory). You can even use this scanner for selling retail items such as lint rollers and collar stays.

  • Logic Controls PD-3000 Customer Display - This customer display is a great marketing tool and offers employee accountability. You can show a scrolling marketing message, customers names, total due, change due and even what items the customers are bringing in. With or without the price displayed.

  • APC BK-500 Battery Backup - Battery back up is an essential device to ensure your system has a backup power source should you lose power. The battery backup will give you enough power to run any reports and safely shut down the system, should power loss occur.