CBS Connect

  • Uses a combination of browser-based architecture and the latest networking technologies to provide real time access to all stores.
  • Unlike most centralized solutions, does not put your individual locations at the mercy of an Internet connection to conduct business as usual.

Real world examples of benefits of using this product:

  • Customers will come in to your store(s) and say they brought an order in, but they actually brought it to another store. Employees can easily check other stores to see if that customer has an order in a different location.
  • Run reports and generate statements from a home office where you don’t have all the interruptions you do in a store.
  • Mark in orders from a drop store seamlessly at your plant. Allows you to centralize your tagging process for efficiency, saving you valuable labor dollars.
  • CBS Connected Enterprise provides a centralized reporting server where your data is uploaded on a schedule to a central server so you can run customized reports for your whole enterprise.
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