Product Benefits


Have the option of creating a quick or detailed invoice at the counter. CBS quick invoice offers a quick and efficient way to serve your customers while the detailed invoice is optimized for creating a completely priced out invoice while the customer is present.

Integrated Credit Cards

Securely store credit cards on file for easy account billing and payment processing. CBS’s integrated credit card processing is PCI compliant, so you can rest assured we use the latest technologies to ensure your data is stored in a safe, secure manner.


Easily manage statements, receivables, finance charges, aging invoices and much more. Eliminate double entry of invoices into accounting package to generate statements. Along with the integrated credit card processing, CBS can bill all of your account customers.


CBS will allow you to market to your customers through CBS’s unlimited marketing functions whether through email, coupons on invoices, gift cards, letters, or VIP Clubs. CBS offers fully customizable marketing plans to take your marketing plan to the next level. Of course you will be able to track the effectiveness of each of these plans as well with the reports built into CBS.


Gain complete control over your store’s inventory, giving your employees maximum accountability. Reconcile your inventory easily and quickly, view and print past inventories, and track employees racking history. Inventory has never been so painless and simple.


Setup and automate an unlimited number of routes while fully integrating tracking and billing into your system. Routes are optimized for efficiency. Scan the entire route into the system, map routes out for drivers, track every delivery from start to finish, generate billing instantaneously.

Central Reporting

Review every aspect of your business, large or small, in a single glance. Reports are detailed and complete. Check your most profitable departments, track your employees, confirm your busy days for front counter staffing, and schedule your plant.

Assembly Conveyor

CBS is integrated with many of the leading assembly systems. Heats seal all garments for tracking item or order tracking and automated pricing.