Account Management: Easily manage statements, receivables, finance charges, aging invoices and much more.

  • Eliminate double entry of invoices into accounting package to generate statements.

Route Management: Enhanced route building (stop numbers, delivery notes, multiple drivers), delivery manifests, schedule pickups/deliveries (will call), and bar-coded verification.

  • Delivery manifests eliminate confusion with stop numbers and notes.
  • Delivery manifests give structure to your routes. For example, put everyone in a certain area on a certain day or for a certain driver. This powerful feature gives you an overview of your whole route service and sets it up more efficiently saving you time and money on gas and labor.
  • Added customer service elements strengthens your relationship with customers by providing custom notes and other annotation. Never miss another detail! For example, when scheduling pickups and deliveries, your customer may drop off an order and ask if they can have it delivered rather than come back for it. Our system allows you to put that invoice on “will call” so the delivery drivers know the proper action the customer desires.
  • Control your quality of service by verifying the right orders are loaded onto the truck by scanning them as they go out.

Customer Communication: Retain your customers by utilizing a powerful built-in e-mail service system. E-mail account statements and send alerts for orders that need to be picked up. Send on-demand coupons, promotions, gift/loyalty cards and VIP qualification to both active and inactive customers, new customers, top customers.

  • E-mail vs. traditional mail benefits – Enhance your communication with your customers by utilizing their preferred method of contact with e-mail alerts. E-Mail is free (no supplies, envelope stuffing, or postage) easy to use, and keeps your customers on top of everything that’s important to them.
  • Employees don’t have to think about discounting, the system will automatically do it for you.
  • On demand coupons automatically print when certain criteria is met. First visit, dollars spent, recurring like every 10 visits, etc. All proven ways to keep customers coming back.

Employee Communication: Our solution contains a vital internal messaging system for employees similar to e-mail. Employees will see specific messages for them when they log into the system.

  • Eliminates post-it notes all over the place.
  • Provides an easy, efficient, and reliable way of keeping tasks and announcements readily available to your team.

Hotel/Valet Support: Integrated with route management, this feature set allows for delivery and billing to agencies, hotels, and other valet services.

  • Automatically calculates commissions.
  • Allows your customer easy and flexible data for their accounting purposes.
  • Allows simple ways to handle complicated account management for hotels with multiple departments. Typically, all varied departments could have different commissions and pricelists, but gets billed back to the same central entity. CBS handles it all and allows you to structure it all with sanity.

Multi-Store Support:

  • CBS is Web browser-based and built for the Internet age. Share your data across multiple installations and enjoy real-time access to customer data from any location at any time.
  • No need to take over a terminal to log in remotely.  Most competitors use PC Anywhere or something similar to do this. For some cleaners, it is literally the difference between having to add another terminal, or use our simple Web-based administration toolset to gain full access to your data.
  • Accessing other stores is as simple as clicking a button to retrieve the data you need. Reprint invoices, check on where a customer dropped off their order or pull sales reports. It’s as seamless as standing in that store itself.
  • Reports can be printed back to a central office and eliminates the need to spend money on report printers in every location.

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