Q. How does a computer system increase profitability?

A. Depending on your current business model, there are many ways that computerizing your store can increase your profit. Most dry cleaners see immediate advantages in consistent pricing, increased employee accountability and savings in paper supplies.

By consistently pricing according to fabric type, you will be able to easily increase your revenue. Cleaner Business Systems customers can use the system to record fabric type for every garment, ensuring that correct pricing is implemented for extra work needed with special fabrics such as silk and linen.

Cleaner Business Systems also has the ability to track employee actions within the system, increasing employee accountability. This prevents unauthorized discounts and invoice modifications, since reports are visible to all managers and owners.

Using Cleaner Business Systems, you will also be able to save on paper costs just by replacing a paper-dependent invoice system. Handwritten invoices have an average cost of 6 to 8 cents per invoice. When taking advantage of thermal printing technology, your per invoice cost will drop to around 1 cent per invoice. Many times cleaners are able to cover most of their return on investment with paper supply savings alone.

Q. I have a problem with orders being mixed up during assembly causing my customers to receive incomplete or incorrect orders. Can a computer system help me overcome this problem?

A. Yes. Cleaner Business Systems allows you to print garment tags with the same number as appears on the invoice, as well as customer name, total pieces in the order and the invoice due date. This eliminates the need for multiple numbers assigned to a single order, and helps employees easily keep track of entire orders.

Q. I spend hours each month entering my account customers’ invoices and generating statements for them. How will a computer system streamline this process for me?

A. With Cleaner Business Systems, your customers’ invoices will automatically by charged to their account when they pick up an order. No separate accounting software is required to generate statements; it is all handled within your Cleaner Business Systems software. The software also allows you to print statements at any time, as well as review past statements and payments.

Additionally, Cleaner Business Systems has the capability of batch credit card processing for your account customers. You can store their credit card information within the system and at any time, tell the system to bill all the cards of customers that have a balance with you.

Q. In order to computerize my store do my employees and I need to be proficient with computers?

A. No, Cleaner Business Systems was specifically designed to have an intuitive interface that does not require any previous knowledge of computers to operate smoothly. The picture drive interface operates with a touch screen monitor, eliminating the need for employees to be proficient with a mouse.

Q. What types of customer retention programs are offered in Cleaner Business Systems?

A. VIP Discounts, Customer Referral Program, On Demand Coupon Printing (Prints coupon on customer’s invoice when criteria is met), Gift Cards, Customer Loyalty Cards, Item Level Promotions, Form Letters for direct mail and e-mail campaigns.

Q. If I have a central office could I perform administrative tasks like reporting from there?

A. CBS Connect allows you to perform any function of CBS from any computer that is part of the CBS Connect
Network. Typically that would be all branch locations and the central office, but some cleaners also include their home computer or laptop. You will not have to take control of any terminals in the store, CBS Connect allows you to access CBS on demand and your employees will not be able to tell the difference. Cleaners enjoy the ability to perform functions for any of their stores such as generating statements, generating route manifests, enter payments received, reporting, apply price updates, monitor their employees, and much more.

Q. I have a discount, prepay cleaners and a full service cleaners that has a delivery service, can I use CBS in both stores?

A. We understand the processes are vastly different between stores with different business models so every system you purchase from us will be configured specifically for the store’s business model it will be used in. CBS supports full service, discount-prepay, home delivery, hotels/valet, and various types of commercial work such as fire restoration.

Q. How will I backup my system?

A. CBS supports virtually all backup methods provided you have the hardware to utilize them. All systems are shipped with a DVD burner standard, but many of our clients will use external hard drives or USB memory sticks in addition to their DVD backup.

Q. Since CBS is a browser-based application will I be able to use it if I lose my internet connection?

A. Yes, the application and database are both hosted locally in every location so an
Internet connection is not required. CBS is designed in such a way that you can take advantage of browser-based technology without making your business dependent on an
Internet connection. Many clients also centralize their data so they can run reports for the whole organization.

Q. Will my data be protected against fire and theft?

A. We recommend to all of our clients to take advantage of our offsite data storage service which will backup your system to our data center on a daily basis. This eliminates any chance of you losing your data for any reason.