CBS Support Goal
Our goal is to provide our clients with prompt, professional technical support to ensure their investment continues to add value and maximize profits. We maintain a well-trained professional support staff to assist our clients with technical and training issues.

What is support?
Support is very similar to insurance and will be there for you, should you need it. In addition, support also upgrades and protects your investment with software updates, giving you access to the latest features and software improvements.

CBS support includes software updates as they become available. Software updates consist of feature enhancements (as requested by our clients) and other improvements. In order to maintain consistency in our software, only the last major release of CBS will be supported.

Response Times
Almost 100% of all calls are answered by a person qualified to resolve most issues. Our technicians will prioritize the support load should there be any wait time.

Hardware Support
We will support all hardware sold by Cleaner Business Systems. If you contact us with a problem with any of your hardware, we will assist you in diagnosing the problem as well as correct the issue.

Loaner Hardware
We maintain a pool of hardware that can be overnighted at a moments notice, ensuring you never experience excessive downtime.