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Clean Route Delivery Management

Route Management Evolved

With CBS’s Clean Route Delivery Management App your routes will be run in the most efficient way each day with turn-by-turn directions, customer opt out option and automatic delivery complete notifications. 

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Route Management App

Clean Route Delivery Management

Enhanced route building (stop numbers, delivery notes, multiple drivers), delivery manifests, schedule pickups/deliveries (will call), and bar-coded verification.

Increase Clarity

Delivery manifests eliminate confusion with stop numbers and notes.

Increased Service Quality

Control your quality of service by verifying the right orders are loaded onto the truck by scanning them as they go out.

give structure to your routes

This powerful feature gives you an overview of your whole route service and sets it up more efficiently saving you time and money on gas and labor.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Strengthens your customers relationship with custom notes and annotations

Integrated Delivery Management App

Delivery manifest gets optimized for the most efficient route each day.

Driver app receives turn-by-turn directions, notes and more.

When delivery is marked successful in the driver app your customer receives a delivery complete notification.

Manager App allows manager to view all deliveries and drivers at-a-glance.

Communicate with your drivers within the Clean Route Manager App

Full analytics suite to measure driver performance and efficiency

Integrated Route Skip Notifications can send a text message to your customers with the click of a button in advance of a route to ensure you always pick up or drop off

Save time and fuel by eliminating wasted stops.

CBS text messaging integration allows you to automate your route management saving you valuable time.

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