A new era in dry cleaning automation is finally here

Are you looking for ways to improve productivity and increase profitability in your dry cleaning business? What if someone could offer an integrated solution of reliable hardware and software that would increase your business WHILE cutting your costs and increasing your level of service to your customers?

Solutions from CBS have been designed for exactly that purpose. Imagine having automation software that’s easy to use and so full of features, that you could roll it out on the first day and start being productive. Imagine what your customers might say when they receive an e-mail when their order is ready to pick up. Now picture yourself calling a tech support number and actually getting a real person!

Solutions by CBS are the perfect balance between software, hardware and support. We don’t just think so, but so do our customers! Take a little time to investigate our solutions and see for yourself how we can help you save money, time and increase the bottom line. View our online demo or watch our guided tour. We’re honored to have you consider our solution.

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