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A new era in
dry cleaning Technology

Hardware & Software Solutions

Cleaner Business Systems offers the latest in hardware solutions. We build all our computers in house to ensure they are set up properly and running your POS system in the best way possible. Choose from different configurations for printers, scanners and monitors.

CBS also provides a tablet-based solution for a modern, streamlined look. These tablets run the same as a traditional computer but in a smaller package.

Microsoft Surface tablet running the CBS software connected to printers

POS Terminals

CBS Point of Sale terminals offer touchscreen monitors along with traditional keyboard/mouse for a versatile multi-functional experience

Zebra MC2180 Scanner

Our Zebra MC2180 scanners run a mobile version of CBS to allow for racking or inventory to be done without occupying a terminal

Microsoft Surface Tablet Solutions

CBS offers a Microsoft Surface tablet solution for a more streamlined appearance. This option combines your computer and touchscreen monitor in one sleek package. Combine this with a docking stand with double locking security and your terminals will have the modern look you are looking for. 

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