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Clean Notify

Advanced Messaging for Dry Cleaners

Building trust and confidence from your customers is key, because of that, we’ve developed our Clean Notify system. With several notification types, you’ll be able to reduce costs, manage your employees, and show your clientele that you’re better than your competitors. Customize Clean Notify for every employee, every customer, and in every way allowing you to run your business to your liking.

Advanced Notifications and Messaging

Suite of Features

Notification messages include Manager Alerts, Employee Alerts, and Customer Notifications, helping you control your business’s daily objectives.

Industry Solutions

Our notifications improve customer delivery times, reduce the opportunity for theft, and cultivate better customer relationships through individual and personalized messaging.

Manager Alerts

You’re always busy, because of that we’re here for you.  Reports about your store’s health and activity are automatically sent to you ensuring you always know what’s going on with your business.

Employee Alerts

Enable your employees for success by giving them the information they need, when they need it. Never experience production issues or missed pieces.

Two-Way customer communication

Your customers will receive automated messages about their garments. More than that, customers and team members will be able to use our messaging system to communicate with each other, building your customer relationships and improving your customers’ confidence.

Route-Based Communication

Customers on your manifests can add or subtract themselves based on their needs. Should they not need a pick-up, they can text “Skip” and CBS will handle it. If they need a pick-up, they can text “Pickup” and be put on the next available route serving their area.

Check out our FAQs page for more info!

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