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Dry Cleaning POS Solutions

Complete Package

CBS is your complete solution for software, hardware, support and training. With enrollment in the CBS Support Program you will receive live support from our trained support specialists. Along with industry leading support, you will also receive updates to ensure your system is running optimally.

Industry Essential Components

Suite of Features

Our feature-rich software will help you gain control of pricing, maximize up charges, eliminate employee theft, and advertise and communicate effectively to you customers.

Industry Solutions

Our Solutions are used across a wide section of the dry cleaning industry including full price, valet, route services, cleaners/prepay, hotel services and more.

Customer Relationships

Customer management: Create detailed customer profiles while gathering information to track customer spending, number of visits, rewards program points and more.

Simple and detailed invoicing

Detail everything you need for your customer and your assembly with simplified invoicing, based on a pricelist that is customized by you!

Comprehensive Communication

Two Way Customer Messaging

Provide an easy solution for Curbside Pick-up & Drop-off as well as help you improve your relationships with your customers.

Employee and Management Alerts

Know what is happening in your store with automated reporting to help you and your employees stay on track.

Marketing Communication

Email or Text notifications for orders, promotions, coupons, or loyalty information directly to your customers.

Internal Communication

Communicate directly with your employees, schedule tasks, and post bulletins for streamlining your business information.

Email Systems

Utilize CBS’s powerful built-in email integration. Email statements to customers right from CBS.

Coupon System

CBS’s on demand coupon system allows you to set criteria like first visits, dollars spent, and more, to automatically print coupons.

Learn more about our messaging system Clean Notify and how it can boost your business to new heights.

Hotel/Valet Support


Automatically calculate commissions

Account Management

Easily handle management for accounts with multiple departments. Create different commissions and price lists for each department but bill a central entity.

Flexible Data

Allow your customers flexible data for their accounting purposes

Multi-Store Support

Access All Your Data

Share your data across multiple installations and enjoy real-time access to customer data from any location

Remote Access

Accessing other stores is as simple as clicking a button to retrieve the data you need. Reprint invoices, check on where a customer dropped off their order or pull sales reports. It’s as seamless as standing in that store itself

Centralized Reporting

Reports can be printed to a central office and eliminates the need to have report printers in every location.

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