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Business to Customer Alerts

Personify Your business

Customer service has endless limits, which is why we’re committed to providing you with the newest and best features. Your customers can receive a number of automated Clean Notifications to let them know when their garments are complete, the special marketing deals available to them, and the quality of their business with you through two-way text messaging and paperless invoicing. 

Clean Notify features and alerts for customers include:

  • Invoices
  • Orders Ready
  • Orders Overdue
  • Credit Card and Pickup Receipts
  • Credit Card Expiration
  • First Visit Appreciation
  • Customer Route Opt-out
  • Route Pickup and Delivery Reminders
  • Orders Delivered
  • 2 Way Communication with your Store

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Automated Customer Service

Invoicing made easy, comprehensive customer updates, route reminders, and gratitude.

Customer Updates

Your clients will have the benefit of getting order notifications, overdue notices, and route reminders. Customers may reply with specific keywords that will give you real time updates.

Paperless Invoicing

Paperless invoicing is the future. Save on paper by providing your customers with automated invoices, receipts, and notifications of expiring credit cards on file.

Reduce Unneeded Route Stops

This powerful feature gives customers an opportunity to skip route pickups which reduces how long your drivers are out on the road.

Strengthen Your Customer Relationships

Your customers will be empowered through the new features in the software and feel confident in returning to your store.

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