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Clean Notify FAQs

Welcome to the FAQ page for Clean Notify. Here you should find help to the most common questions that surround Clean Notify. Not finding an answer to your question? Email with your question and we will reply swiftly with the answer.

Clean Notify allows you to move your Dry Cleaners to a more digital platform.  It allows you not only to send customers a digital invoice, order ready notifications but also a 2-way digital platform.  As a store owner you can receive alerts on your real time sales, customer account activity such as voids or when a credit is given to a customer’s account along with other key data such as invoices not ready. 

This new technology is designed to give you peace of mind in your business, help eliminate micromanaging, and reduce opportunities for theft. It will even help you reduce usage of paper. Customers will have an easier experience with electronic receipts and updates about their garments. Employees will receive notifications to better help your customers and connect them more closely to your business. You will receive reports that tell you more about your sales and operations that will better help you prepare for each day to run things more efficiently. All in all, you should be able to save time, money, and paper, and make improvements to your business with access to quick knowledge.

We will allocate a phone number that ties directly to your version of CBS. This number will send and receive messages, log a trail in the system, and can be viewed from any terminal. Most messages can be customized and tailored to fit your needs. Sales reports can be sent Daily, Weekly, and/or Monthly so you can have more immediate insight to sales activity. You can also receive daily operations reports of what invoices still need racking, or pieces due the next day. Certain messages can be triggered manually or automatically based on your preferences.

At CBS we’ve learned that routes skips will reduce up to 50% of unnecessary stops. It will be wise to audit your route customers and set them to “Always Stop” when enabling messaging. This will ensure they get the messages for them to opt of out the pickup if they don’t have any garments to collect. If you have frequent customers whom you stop for but don’t often have garments, we recommend changing them to will call only customers, in which case they need only text the keyword “Pickup” to be added to the next available route. You will see reduced fuel and labor costs using these options.

You will need to be able to step away from your terminals for a decent chunk of time. Pick a time for us to install. We will install new applications to your version of CBS. Install time may vary from 1-2 hours depending on internet connection stability.

Any customer in your database can be eligible to receive messages with Clean Notify. Train your employees to collect phone numbers and permission from customers to send marketing messages. Once a customer has opted in to Clean Notify, they will receive notifications that make their customer journey easier each time they come to visit your store.

Because you won’t need to use every single notification type, when you work closely with us, we will help you prepare exactly what you need, however, the best place to start is a customer audit, and an inventory check, which we always recommend doing once per month. This will help your business seamlessly transfer into utilization of Clean Notify.

When you make the choice to install Clean Notify, we can ensure you provide the option to your existing and new customers when they come and visit your store if you don’t want everyone to receive the initial opt-in message.

Absolutely. You can check CBS anytime to see how many total messages you’ve sent, how many of each type you’ve sent, as well as look up detailed SMS history on a database or customer level.

We understand that your business is never set in stone, and so we wanted to offer a complete package of notification types. You can turn off and on certain types of notifications anytime if you are reconsidering the value of that notification type. If you turn off a notification, be sure to do it at a global level so it affects all your database. However, we do NOT suggest turning ON notification types unless you do it at the customer level. You don’t want to send out a massive number of messages resulting in overpayment of your normally monthly Clean Notify bill or bother your customers.

All customer messages are customizable, and while some messages have required elements such as your store name or invoice information, you can give them a personalized feel. Manager Reports are defined to give you the most important data and need not be personalized.

Head back to the Clean Notify product page for informational videos!

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